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. rain is beginning to fall in petaluma u-what you can expect the roads to look like coming up. new information about a deadly train accident on the peninsular, what the train company said just moments before a person was hit. the announcement was expected this morning and how it involved the san francisco giants, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, february 19th, i am
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pam cook. >> good morning. lots of people are headed back to work after the holiday. >> it will be much colder, some highs will be in the upper 40s, a little bit of rain is starting in the north bay and most of us will get it in mendocino county, upper 40s and lower 50s, here is sal. traffic is doing well and we are doing well on highway 4 westbound as you head to the willow pass grade and also we are looking at the commute on 80, it is off to a nice start, let's get back to the desk. it is dollars going -- also going to be windy and rainy, alex is where it is raining right now. >> yes, it has moved into
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petaluma and the rain has already started to fall and obviously something you want to keep in mind, the roads will be slick. it has not rained in some time in the bay area. this is 101 and we are right near the redwood highway right now and obviously it could be a fairly slick commute as we move through the day and there is also a nice chill in the air. a far career from the warm air. some areas could expect up to a half inch today and things have certainly tapered off since then and water agencies are certainly looking forward to warm weather. they are at 91% capacity and east bay reservoirs are 81%.
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some are 51% full right now and they are looking forward to this cold winter rain system that is moving in right now. we will bring you back out here live and the rain has already begun to fall and it is coming down well. of course we will keep an eye on things, keep an eye on things in petaluma and also the weather service is predicting there could be come weather systems and possibly even some hail in some spots. rain, hail and if you are headed to tahoe, we want to take you to some snow. we want to take you to the sierra where it has been knowing on and -- snowing on and off, making travel hazardous at times and up to 10 inches of new snow is city officials spokespersonned to fall.
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this is the san mateo bridge and there are some raindrops and coming up, our meteorologist steve paulson will have more as you head out the door. and we have more on our website, all you have to do is click on the weather tab and you can have the latest sent right to your cell phone. >> and today's windy weather could topple trees, no storm was needed to crush a heritage oak. a tree service crew plans to remove the 300 to 400-year-old tree from the house on mdeb. the only dab mt. diablo. the homeowner was in side when the tree hit roof. >> i just froze. firefighters are concerned it
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could laps and nobody is allowed inside until they take a look. a pacific freight train truck and kill a man before 8:00 as it was moving across the churchill crossing. it is still not clear what the man was doing onto the train tracks. it cass a delay for many late night trains. police say a woman was found last night at a homeless camp near a food store on industrial parkway and they are trying to figure out if she died of natural causes or if her death is suspicious. oscar pistorius is standing by his claims he did not murder his girlfriend on purpose.
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now during a bail hearing, he revealed steroids were found -- steroids were found inside the home and they said he shot his girlfriend four times through a bathroom door. sources say there should be know murder charges in the shooting. many gathered to say goodbye to reeva steenkamp who was a model and graduate family members say her body was returned over the weekend and familiar play members will unveal a new waterfront project. it includes shops and offices a long peer 4el. the -- 48. the giants showed they plan to
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move a location to the second site and construction could begin late next year. the giants manager said they will face the l.a. dodge years on the first e.this shows how lincecum opened for the team and this shows leadership. we will be watching all of the commutes for you and looking at some of the main once, especially now we are not going to have a light day, it is going to be busy, let's look at 80, westbound, no meaning problems -- no major problems headed out to the maze. that traffic looks goose with no major problems out to the
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toll plaza. 4:36 let's go to steve. am i okay? here there is already light rain ahead of it but it is tim well upstream. really cold weather and it's going to start in santa rosa and that's due to the cloud cover. some of the rain is starting to thicken up towards lake county and it is already falling as we saw in petaluma and now it continues to parts of the east bay and by 11 it should be
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spreading south. very cold unstable air, some showers in the mix. there is not a lot of the moisture but it is just colder upstream. not much moisture, upper 40s and 5 ross. there will be a system clipping the coast, there could be some rain saturday, otherwise partly cool and breezy. new this morning, lawmaker in colorado, ledge duration eduration limits background checks on all purchasers. it makes purchasers pay for their own background checks and bans them at colleges and
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stayed request yums. there will be several areas with nonprofit groups and they will protect our children. they are holding meetings and people will receive up to $300 cash up to what type of gun they hold. redwood city will consider the switch by all retailers, except for restaurants and none profits. if approved, the ban would go into effect until april. it will go on, middle field road. coming up, the leaked proposal and why a senior adviser said it could be doing more harm than good. changes are on the way to the education system, we will
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have more and why it could give local districts something. >> coming up we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. good morning, rain has started already in the north bay, it will be a cold day, upper 40s and 50s, possibly thunder showers. governor brown wants to give more control back to local school districts. in his state address, he is against punishing schools if they don't perform well and tests and they are in charge of giving aid to people who do poorly on tests. they had more to say about
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the controversial incident and he said he let his emotions get the best of him when he shoved the star. yesterday they reprimanded coach montgomery but they say that punishment does not go far enough. >> there needs to be a clear statement than one game suspension is enough to wake him under which should teach anybody anything. >> now he shoved somebody with both hands and the coach said he was angry because he felt his star player was not giving it his all. montgomery issued a formal apology late that day. the athletic director abruptly fired lou calm nellie and that's after players complained of verbal abuse anti-
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raids. >> -- and tirades. >> it was probably a mistake for the immigration plan to be made public at this point. the reelection campaign said white house officials would take it back if they could. the leaked white house proposal was leaked over the weekend and they say it was meyerly a pack up plan. think are the navy announced they will cancel many appearances of its elite flying team and that will include fleet week in october. they have mixed views on how that will affect san francisco. >> we would loose millions of dollars in what is very significant for us. >> san francisco people are in a lot of buildings and it is
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dangerous. >> many people are split on the issue and many people say it is an annual high point and some complaint about the noise from the military jets. a scandal over a horse meet in europe is widening. beef pasta contains trace amounts of horse meat. it comes into how horse meat was miss labeled as beef in a variety of products sold in european countries. now health officials say horse meat does not cause a problem on its own but anti- inflammatory drugs which given to horses are not safe for consumption. they are voting to take a medical marijuana ban to help
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prevent robberies and other criminal activity. if approved, the ordinance would take affect and if hayward city leaders could sit down, three cafes have been august of it online. letters were sent to the businesses tell them to shut down those operations and at least one of those cafes was closed. that would put a long-term moratorium on them while other options are being considered. it is raining hard especially in the north bay so let's check in with sal, i sal i know people will argue with you but some people done think you are doing -- don't think
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you are doing too well. >> i feel great. yesterday was a lighter than usual day, not too much today, i don't think it is going to be, but let's look at the commute at the toll plaza. traffic looks good getting into san francisco and this this morning's drive is not all that bad if you are driving across the bridge. that looks pretty good, let's go to steve. not all of it but some rain is beginning to pick up on san rafael, if you have any, you can always tweet me, also they are getting some rain in petaluma. we have to wait for the dynamics to arrive and that's associated with the low and this is a really cold system so there will be some low snow
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levels and mainly on the temperatures and fairfield 39, 50 degrees, you can see cloud cover is really increasing and not all of it is being picked up by radar and it will start to enhance quickly, boy that can trigger hail, colder with rain and again the coldest air is still on the way. upper 40s and lower 50s and it will be a brisk day. a cold rain and wednesday, most of the rain should be done and it will be cold and breezy and we are clipping the coast on thursday, there is one more system to the north on saturday but not much happening here. >> elementary school here, they will learn about chinese culture at a lunar event. this is video of last year's
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celebration, students here are welcome to the event which includes line dancers. bart is sponsoring the event. and it is considered the largest since 1860s. you can watch it right here starting on saturday at 6:00 p.m. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> we all get to be there so it will be fun. we have more on storm watch and we will have more on when it is expected to hit your area. the battle continues for a bay area journalist and the event that is happening today that could help save his life. [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
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[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. all right, well, steve is having problems with the microphone, we will pick it up from here, thank you very much, we are looking at the cameras on 880, sarasota springs it has been snowing all night, snow levels could drop as low as 1,500 feet making travel hazardous at times. here you can see drops on the
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camera and coming up at 5:00 we will take you to where alex savage is standing by and there is some heavy rain up there. we are learning how a teenager died and autopsy results shows alyssa died of hypothermia. her blood tested positive for methamphetamine. a manhasset died from his injuries. 68-year-old harry was on board a 22-foot motor boat that collided with a golden gate ferry. the owner of the boat remains in the hospital. the coast guard is investigating who is at fault but they say the speed of the motor boat is a contributing
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factor. the body of a hiker has been recovered in allan park. they searched an area of the park which is off limits to hikers. he fell while hiking alone in the park on saturday and the identity of the hiker has not been released but he is believed to be a santa clara man reported missing over the weekend. a woman reported being raped and beaten on campus and they released this sketch of the suspect. the victim describes him 5-foot 11 green eyes and with a tattoo on his right bicep and white caucasian. she was alone which happened sunday around 12:30 in the afternoon. >> it is usually not that desolate and it is lit at night, but i don't know, i
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never think about that being something that would happen. >> they have increased patrols and both agencies will hold a public forum to discuss other recent incidents. it's time to check back in with sal for along at traffic. it is wet up there and we have some slowed traffic pam, let's look at the commutes which are closer to the bay area, it is interesting, the rain has not reached everywhere but steve is saying we should have a wet commute for everybody coming up and we should look at the toll plaza and here it is not quite as bad, it is not raining yet but if it does rain we will have one of these commutes and we will know what will happen on a base sunday. if you are darbies sunday. if you are driving on the peninsular or hay -- if you are
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driving on the peninsular or hayward, add some extra time for your commute. let's go to steve. it is making just a bee- line and it will head towards us and we actually have a winter weather advisory for some of the bay area peeks and we could have a wide weather variety and again low snow levels, some of that has moved in advance of it and it is going to be a very, very cool day and we are beginning to show up in petaluma and the bulk of it is still in mendocino county and there will be a build up on some clouds and very interesting weather. there could be some cold weather, and in livermore 51 and temperatures are combed today wednesday breezy and we
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could -- cold today wednesday breezy and we have another weak system by saturday and most of that stays to the north. time now 7:56, today the city will vote on a one-year contract with a palo alto based nonprofit to help homeless people find work and shelter. oop. >> a bay area journalist is suffering from an extremely low form of leukemia. there is a need for african- american donors. just 7% are and can't american donors. the event will be held tomorrow at mills college at 11:00.
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coming up next in the 5:00 hour, the u.s. is facing another critical deadline in the ongoing fiscal cliff crisis, they will speak in just a few hours. also arriving in the bay area, rain will end our dry spell and we will have live team coverage. moving along well on hype way 4, wet weather may make the commute tough but we will be here to help you stay tuned. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.

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